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Do Your Brakes Need Service?

Do Your Brakes Need Service? It’s important that you’re always driving a vehicle with properly working brakes. Any faults or issues can quickly place you and your family in danger,…
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Valentines Day Special

Valentine’s Day special for car lovers! Valentine’s Day is coming, resulting in the annual scramble for gifts like chocolate, flowers, and more. This year we offer gift vouchers for your…
Valentine day special

Battery maintenance during Covid-19

During the current Covid-19 lockdowns your vehicles may not have been driven or even started for many weeks. Imagine after weeks of isolation, jumping into your car, all set to…

MTA Member Update

Public Health Order – Leaving Home The New South Wales State Government released on the evening of the 30th March, 2020 an updated Public Health Order (PHO) being Public Health…

Coronavirus impact on auto industry

What is the impact of the Coronavirus on the Australian automotive industry? Factories across China remain closed since Chinese New Year from the Coronavirus outbreak. What does this mean to…

Do you have a Takata airbag?

Faulty Takata airbags affect a large number of motor vehicles and a smaller number of motorcycles.

A car accident is not something that anyone plans on having. An accident is just that… an accident, the name itself insinuates that it is not planned. The only thing we can plan about an accident is