Do you have a Takata airbag?

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Faulty Takata airbags affect a large number of motor vehicles and a smaller number of motorcycles.

A car accident is not something that anyone plans on having. An accident is just that… an accident, the name itself insinuates that it is not planned. The only thing we can plan about an accident is being as prepared as possible and key to this is confidence in the safety equipment installed in your vehicle.

The airbag in your vehicle is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you rely on. If you can’t be confident in it’s ability to save you and your family from serious injury there is no point in having one installed.

The problem with the Takata airbag is not only that it is not effective. The problem is that the actual bag itself is causing serious injury on deployment.

This next line may come across a little harsh and it’s meant to.

I ask again… do you have a Takata airbag? DON’T DIE WONDERING!

What drivers should do…

Vehicles currently under active recall are listed HERE. Find out if your vehicle is Affected…

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